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Sierra Nevada’s time-lapse fermentation video – super short video and just so darn cool – go watch it

the hexagon tiles in this Italian flat – might be the perfect solution to a few floor transitions of our own…

Boston’s Dock Tattoo Project – tattoos of textile and ceramic patterns mixed with common tattoo motifs

this Lodge factory tour – I adore seeing the inner workings of factories plus it’s cast iron

these smores – definitely need to try these soon

this cease and desist sent to Fishs Eddy – Port Authority claims ownership of NYC skyline

Mijbil Creatures’ Black Faun – great little custom toy plus he has an awesome little jackalope buddy

the art in this Native Alaskan video game – beautiful elemental spirits and love the graceful movements of that fox

Weird Al’s Word Crimes – if you twitch from bad grammar or word use, you need to watch this

Currently Loving is a collection of links to what we love from around the internet & beyond. Leave us a note on your own goods or what you’re loving below. For more favorites, follow us on pinterest!

New & Improved | Slice of Bread Cutting Boards

Our toast cutting boards have been doing well at market. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for different sizes plus we’ve been looking into a change in materials.

With no further ado – announcing our Slice of Bread Bamboo Cutting Boards!


Perfect for cutting bread to make a PB&J sandwich with just the right amount of style and asymmetrical quirkiness. It’s a nice change from traditional rectangular cutting boards that will put a smile on your face as you work in your kitchen! Plus this is definitely a well rounded kitchen piece as you can easily use it to prepare on and it is beautiful and unique enough to bring to the table to serve.

These cutting boards are made of high quality bamboo in a 3-Layer overlapping join pattern. This pattern adds stability – lessening the potential of warping, cracking or splitting inherent to natural wooden kitchen products. It’s also made it possible to create boards that are super thin in comparison to their strength. They are extremely light weight and durable with less moisture absorbency than traditional hardwoods. It’s resistant to odor and bacteria, FDA approved and eco-friendly.

These cutting boards have been shaped and sanded to a hand welcoming smoothness. They have been tested and retested for enduring quality and above all usefulness in an active and inviting kitchen. Even more, their use and beauty do not stop at the kitchen, instead transitioning themselves seamlessly into unique serve ware for any meal. Their quality is truly heirloom.


Our slice of bread cutting boards come in three sizes – large (11″), medium (8″), and small (5″).

Care -
Hand wash in warm soapy water. Do not soak.
Apply a coat of food-grade mineral oil to the surface once a day for a week, then once a month or as needed.
Food-grade mineral oil is flavorless, odorless and will not create a build up or become sticky.

Using a clean dry cloth, apply a generous amount with the grain. Repeat as needed. Wipe off excess.

Please note -
There will be variations due to natural materials and handcrafted construction. You may notice some tiny bamboo “hair” on the surface after several washings and dryings. These are harmless natural fibers.

We will be carrying these at our retail markets and also online here or here.