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Recipe | Beetroot Tart Tatin


A few weeks ago we were the recipients of Rock Hill Farm’s first grown beets. They were beautiful little jeweled roots that needed the most delicious of recipe to celebrate their status. We could have just boiled them, tossed them in a salad or pickled them, but none of those seemed fitting enough. They almost became beet chips until I remembered back to a River Cottage recipe that would be perfect for them!


They have the most wonderful striping inside, don’t you just love them! This recipe is similar to that of the classic apple tart tatin except that unlike it’s sweeter counterpart, this one indulges the savory with a flair of onion and that deep earthy beet flavor. Sweetened with brown sugar and set off with a touch of vinegar the flavors meld beautifully for a delightful early summer dish.

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