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2015 | By the Numbers


2015 Year End Review – By the Numbers

Batches Cooked: 69
Failed Batches: 2
Seasonal Flavors Offered: 9
Number of No Sugar Added Tests: 10
Pounds of Fruit Processed: 675
Pounds of Sugar: 250
Massive Jar Order Deliveries: 4
Sampler Boxes Packed: 58

Jam Tarts Baked: 200
Flavors Offered: 5
Sticks of Butter: 50

Towels Screen Printed: 120
New Towel Designs: 2

Blog Posts Posted: 42
Photos Taken: 596

Festival & Market Days: 79
Sample Jars Opened: 189
Number of Spoons Washed: Inconceivable!
Jars Returned: 39
Tent Legs Broken: 1

Fuzzy Dog Mascots Adopted: 1

Thank you for a fantastic second year in business, we’ll see you all in 2016!

Currently Loving

currently loving logo 2

this collection of jam cookie recipes – perfect for a little holiday baking

cities allowing parking tickets to be paid in food donations – brilliant idea

this idea for caramel made with fruit – replace the cream with fruit… must try this

this predator sculpt – he’s just so cuddly looking

this delicious looking tart – milk chocolate, nutmeg and hazelnut… sound like perfection!

these monster snowglobes – little snowballs and gingerbread men!

this recipe for orange chicken – we’ve been trying a lot of chinese/japanese recipes lately

this Dune bread – this is mostly just to counter the overwhelming amount of Star Wars in the world currently

Currently Loving is a collection of links to what we love from around the internet & beyond. Leave us a note on your own goods or what you’re loving below. For more favorites, follow us on pinterest!

In the Kitchen | Holiday 2015 Playlist

A lot of time is being spent in the kitchen these days – between holiday markets and seasonal guests. We’ve been stocking up on product, cookies, sweets and savory dinners. To pass the time and add to the festivities, here’s our current Holiday 2015 Playlist which has been on heavy rotation!


Market | Indie Garage Sale

indie garage sale palmer and brown

This weekend, Dec 18th – 20th we’re back at Indie Garage Sale at Sangertown Mall. The sale is open Friday from 5-9, Saturday from 11-7, and Sunday from 11-5. As the vendors change weekend to weekend check out this list of the weekend’s vendors.

This is the last market we will be a part of for the Holiday Season – stop in for a little last minute gift shopping!