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Recipe | Fat Fluffy Snickerdoodles


These Fat Fluffy Snickerdoodles are hands down the best cookies we make and our most treasured recipe.  Snickerdoodles are an old fashioned cookie that you don’t tend to see anymore.  I have to admit that I don’t think I had ever had one before making this recipe but they just looked too delicious and we had to try it!

This recipe creates the plumpest, tastiest little sugar cookies with the right amount of crunch and chew and a nice balance of sweet and cinnamon. Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature before beginning, it will really effect the cookies rise – they just wouldn’t be fat and fluffy without it!

2014 food blogger cookie swap


These are the cookies we made and sent for the Great Food Blogger 2014 Cookie Swap.  Hopefully our recipients were as excited to receive them as we were to send them!

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New Product | Jam Tarts


This Sunday at the Brooklyn Makers Holiday Bazaar we’ll be offering a new delicious product, Jam Tarts! Made with a mouth watering butter crust and our own delicious jams these are sure to please even our youngest of customers!

Like our jams, our Jam Tarts are made with all natural ingredients, no added preservatives or colors. Come do some holiday shopping, pick up a complimentary cocktail and snack on one of these delicious bites, you won’t be disappointed!