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Chicks Along the Canal – Little Falls Canal Celebration

Image courtesy of Chicks Along the Canal
Photo courtesy of Chicks Along the Canal

We had a fantastic time this past weekend in Little Falls with the Chicks Along the Canal show. We were lucky to be included as one of almost 70 vendors, we got to met some great people and saw a lot of old friends – Little Falls being my personal hometown after all.

We also had on sale two new flavors, Tomato Balsamic and Apricot Vanilla. Both flavors seem to have won over the crowd – we’re going to need to make some more before we hit Brooklyn and Sharon Springs next month!

You’ll also see by our setup photo that we’ve changed our jars. Due to a snafu with manufacturing and distribution we placed our order at the perfectly wrong time. Seems to be a good happy accident – as these round jars have completely won us over! They have straight sides making it easier to scrape out all that jammy goodness and the labels look all the better with the wider front real estate, which works wonders for that long business name we’ve chosen.

Along with this change in jars and labels we’ve slightly altered our recipes. We’ve worked out a better ratio of fruit to sugar and can happily declare that we’re at a two part fruit to one part (or less) sugar ratio. After months of trial and error we’re now packing a much more fruity punch!!


New Flavor | Tomato Balsamic Jam

Tomato jam is a very interesting preserve.  It’s sweet when you’re expecting savory but not too sweet – it’s savory when you’re expecting sweet yet not too savory.  With a tiny addition of balsamic vinegar the tomato flavor really sings.


This is the perfect mix for a jam that compliments a hamburger and hotdog or tops off a toasted cheese sandwich.  It’s perfection added atop eggs or hash browns at breakfast.  Or give it a try on some bar-b-que kabobs or to top off a flavorful BLT sandwich – this jam loves bacon!  Stir it into a pasta dish or use it as a succulent glaze for chicken.

It also pairs well over yogurt and swirled into vanilla ice cream or over a berry filled dessert.  It’s a grownup and beautifully textured ketchup-substitute that can be used in all manner of both savory and very unexpected sweet applications.  With a surprising intensity of tomato flavor it will add a delectable punch to any food you add it to!