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this hare and moon pendant by Laura Brown – it’s quite amazing, love the stacking of the cut outs and the brambles detail

this tip for perfect parchment corners – so simple it’s brilliant

these wooden rabbits – a series of such simple shapes make such a dramatic statement

this mouthwatering chocolate nutella layer cake – words can’t even begin to describe it!

this display of pastel dinnerware – the photography on ikea’s design/product blog is quite inspiring

Southern Living’s strawberries and cream cake – looks like the perfect spring or Easter dessert

these design walls from Elizabeth, Katie and Katie – we need something like these to help piecing quilts, especially with two extremely helpful cats who complicate floor layouts!

this photo of a bunny – it speaks for itself – Happy Easter!

Currently Loving is a collection of links to what we love from around the internet & beyond. Leave us a note on your own goods or what you’re loving below. For more favorites, follow us on pinterest!

Recipe | Ravioli

This whole series of posts came about due to a ravioli craving I was having this past weekend. After a day of daydreaming about fresh homemade pasta dripping with tomato sauce, olive oil and herbs, filled with delicious savory ricotta… no wonder we went out of our way to make this amazing meal!!


This is by no means an easy weeknight recipe but don’t let it intimidate you. The entire thing is simple and straight forward.

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Tutorial | Pasta Making

I seem to like dough of all kinds but I really love making pasta!! Pasta making is very rewarding and so much more flavorful than its dried grocery store counterparts.


Amazingly pasta is just two ingredients. Eggs and flour. With three eggs and two cups of flour you can feed a small dinner party. Odds are you have those in your kitchen as we speak!! Add your favorite sauce, oil or vinegar and you have the beginnings of a fabulous hand crafted meal.

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Recipe | Ricotta Cheese

This recipe for ricotta cheese is just a warm up intro to making homemade ravioli. The process is quite simple and leaves you with a delicious ricotta well worth the stirring and straining. It’s really just a lot of waiting – waiting as the milk heats, waiting as the mixture stands, waiting as it strains. Very little actual work goes into it!

Plus when you’re all done you can dance around your house singing the “I made cheese” song. Yeah, its happened here a few times…

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In the Studio

This week in the studio, fabric came in and quilting began.

We went with a simple gingham pattern and the quilt top is already finished. Now we just need to decide on a fabric color for the binding. We’re leaning towards paprika – sitting down there at the bottom of the stack…


Jam Labels

Jam labels have been quite the sticking point. We want to sell a variety of different jam flavors which means a variety of different jam labels will be needed.

To keep product costs down we need to keep label costs down.

This leads inevitably to bulk labeling. We’ve looked into an obscene number of printing companies and scenarios. A few were even looking very promising… yet, there’s no easy way and definitely no cheap way to purchase a run of labels for various jams without investing in at least 1000 of each flavor. Add to that the need to individually mark batch number coding and “best by” dates and you have a bit of a conundrum.

Plus what happens when we come across a farm producing amazing peaches or a stand of blackberries… without labels we’d have to pass that up.

So we broke down and decided to print them ourselves.

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Currently Loving

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this post on Beth’s Local Milk blog – the bread looks amazing, plus that have a wonderful old Ovenex starburst pan and the photography is excellent as always.

these zoomed out photos of famous landmarks – I’m always amazed by the proximity of Cairo/Giza to the pyramids, my romantic minds wants that wind swept desert to be secluded and far from civilization

this Penny Arcade comic – it’s very geeky but hilarious..

this little mini history behind jam jar currency in England – great little write up by Pam Corbin concerning jar deposits during the 20′s and their use as currency for entrance into social clubs and movie theaters

this list of gin cocktails – gin being Sam’s favorite but rarely drank liquor I figure it’s about time we tried some variations

Todd McFarlane’s art book – the comic book geek in me is in love with the subtitle of this book – so very apropos

David Lebovitz’s write up regarding his new book – a wonderful insight into process and some really kick ass photos, all mixed with David’s spunky personality

this food magazine personality test – if you mix my favorites you get “You will retire to the country and wear beautiful English galoshes while gardening… You probably grew up somewhere with wide open fields and dark woods… You don’t like bright colors and screaming babies.” Fascinatingly accurate…

Currently Loving is a collection of links to what we love from around the internet & beyond. Leave us a note on your own goods or what you’re loving below. For more favorites, follow us on pinterest!

Market Booth Props

During the last few months we’ve been designing, planning and purchasing everything we’ll need for our market booth props. We’ve been thinking over colors and flow, how to create height and how to still have open uncluttered space.  Most importantly how to best present our wares in a simple and clean manner.

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In the Workshop

This past weekend in the workshop was very productive. We churned out a whole plethora of kitchen utensils and a few cutting boards.

Made out of maple, these tools have a wonderfully satisfying heft. Over the last few months the prototypes have been in steady rotation in our kitchen. I have noticed myself gravitating to them more and more.


The scraper is my go-to for any sauteing, it’s so much more tactile for flipping and tossing and with it’s wide profile it fits more comfortably in your hand for increased control.  Plus it’s great for making stews and soups where you need a broad flat edge for scraping the bottom of the pot.

The spatula has been great for mixing batters and dough, it’s curved edge aiding in bowl scraping so not a drop is wasted with the back side being useful to get into any corners if your bowl happens to have that type of bottom.

The jam spreader has the means to make toast into it’s own special ritual and has assisted in filling cookies and tarts.  It’s also been frequently complimented by house guests when brought out to our breakfast table when serving pancakes.   It’s been surprising just how rewarding using a spreader truly designed just for jam can be.


And then there were these…

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